3d, Soborna St.,
T.Shevchenko Park
098 618 82 88

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from 10:00 to 22:00

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In all facilities of the restaurant network is served craft beer “Kruzhak”
0,3l 0,5l 1l
«Kruzhak» Premium Lager 23 uah 33 uah 65 uah
«Kruzhak» Dark Lager 23 uah 33 uah 65 uah
«Kruzhak» Weizen 23 uah 33 uah 65 uah
«Kruzhak» Red Ale 23 uah 33 uah 65 uah
«Kruzhak» Stout 23 uah 33 uah 65 uah
«Kruzhak» Vienna Lager 23 uah 33 uah 65 uah
«Kruzhak» APA 26 uah 36 uah 68 uah
«Kruzhak» Blond Ale 23 uah 33 uah 65 uah
«Kruzhak» Brown Ale 23 uah 33 uah 65 uah
«Kruzhak» Wheat APA 26 uah 36 uah 68 uah
«Kruzhak» IPA 28 uah 38 uah 70 uah
-25% for «take away» beer «Kruzhak» 0 uah 0 uah 50 uah

A new member of «Ventotto» restaurant network family – «Na Girtsi» family pizzeria!

Apart from the stylish interior, coziness, friendly staff, craft beer «Kruzhak» from own brewery, the most delicious Italian cuisine and pizza cooked according to carefully selected recipes in a log furnace, which are a hallmark of Ventotto restaurant network, «Na Girtsi» pizzeria has another peculiarity – it is a FAMILY facility.

Visitors come to «Na Girtsi» with their whole families, so we pioneered Rivne in developing a special HEALTHY menu for your children! The best quality food and minimum spices emphasize the special natural taste of our dishes. We also offer coloring books, a children table, stools for the youngest, a diaper board for newborns, a large patio and, most importantly, unforgettable pizza master classes by our professional pizza makers!

Our spacious and cozy hall will be ideal for a first date, marriage proposal, a warm family evening, meeting with friends, as well as a wedding dinner, adult or children birthday, anniversary, corporate party, etc.