71, 16 Lypnia St., Rivne
(0362) 26-66-24

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In all facilities of the restaurant network is served craft beer “Kruzhak”
0,3l 0,5l 1l
«Kruzhak» Premium Lager 23 UAH 30 UAH 60 UAH
«Kruzhak» Dark Lager 23 UAH 30 UAH 60 UAH
«Kruzhak» Weizen 23 UAH 30 UAH 60 UAH
«Kruzhak» Red Ale 23 UAH 30 UAH 60 UAH
«Kruzhak» Oatmeal Stout 23 UAH 30 UAH 60 UAH
«Kruzhak» Vienna Lager 23 UAH 30 UAH 60 UAH
«Kruzhak» APA 23 UAH 30 UAH 60 UAH
-25% for «take away» beer «Kruzhak» 0 UAH 0 UAH 45 UAH

Trattoria is not simply a pleasantly sounding name but the most popular facility type in Italy. It is the best place for warm weekend family meals, nutritious dinners on weekdays and unforgettable dates.

Apart from the stylish interior, coziness, friendly staff, the most delicious Italian cuisine and pizza cooked according to carefully selected recipes in a log furnace, which are a hallmark of "Ventotto" restaurant network, “Trattoria da Ventotto” has another peculiarity.

In addition to the main menu, we present a brand NEW Italian MENU on a MONTHLY basis encompassing the most popular dishes from different regions of Italy. Do you want to taste the true Italian ciabatta originating from Liguria or homemade pumpkin and mussel gnocchi from Florence, or risotto with prosciutto and artichoke from Tuscany, and enjoy a piece of flour-free chocolate cake for dessert? You can do it now!